What Does Bulk Skip Tracing Entail?

By skipashraful Updated December 29, 2023 Reviewed by skipashraful

What Does Bulk Skip Tracing Involve?

Skip tracing is the conventional method used to locate an individual based on a name or partial additional identifying information. When seeking assistance from private investigators, this method is commonly employed. Bulk skip tracing, on the other hand, presents a system that enables the simultaneous tracing of numerous individuals. This is accomplished through automation via tier-1 skip tracing data sources and in-depth searches of the deep web. A comprehensive report is then compiled and furnished to you.

Who Benefits from It? Skip tracing finds applications across various industries, although not all require bulk tracing orders. Industries like real estate or debt collection, where extensive contact lists are integral to their business model, tend to rely on bulk tracing. For bail bond agents and their associates, bulk tracing is pivotal, as they often need to track numerous individuals concurrently.

Sales and marketing also generate substantial demand for bulk skip tracing services. Companies seeking to devise effective direct mail advertising campaigns necessitate lists of individuals matching their target demographic.

How Bulk Skip Tracing Addresses Challenges Individual skip tracing demands a considerable amount of time, even with substantial automation. Often, human intervention is required to sift through pertinent compiled data and generate coherent reports. Bulk tracing addresses this time issue by initiating multiple searches simultaneously, ensuring their completion at roughly the same time.

Furthermore, bulk tracing offers a cost-effective avenue for reaching out to property owners and locating individuals who have fallen behind on loan payments. When confronted with an extensive list of elusive individuals requiring contact information, opting for bulk tracing streamlines the process while conserving substantial time.

Getting Started To leverage high-volume skip tracing effectively, the initial step involves selecting a service tailored to support bulk tracing endeavors. This is where BatchSkipTracing excels. Designed to handle bulk requests seamlessly, it facilitates the straightforward upload of address or name lists.

  1. Compile a comprehensive list of owner names and/or addresses.
  2. Upload the lists to BatchSkipTracing.
  3. Monitor progress via the progress bar as leads are compiled for your final report.
  4. Maintain your lists by updating them with new contact information.
  5. Act upon the leads to maximize weekly productivity.

If your current skip tracing service lacks the capacity for batch requests, it might be prudent to consider a switch. For those starting anew, the pay-as-you-go model offers an advantage, permitting high-volume orders without exorbitant costs, especially when only a few names require tracing. The low entry barrier makes experimentation feasible, and once attempted, the substantial benefits of a proficient skip tracing service become evident.

Key Takeaways When seeking to incorporate bulk skip tracing into your business strategy, it’s important to remember the affordability of running traces. Departments in various industries, such as invoicing and collections, utilize skip tracing intermittently when pursuing overdue accounts. Similarly, professionals in debt collection often find value in this approach. Importantly, sales and marketing endeavors reliant on internal lead generation can substantially benefit from skip tracing.

With skip tracing services like Batch Skip Tracing offering flat costs for each result, ongoing overhead concerns are eliminated. Simply use the service when required Bulk Skip Tracing.


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