Is Direct Mail Truly Obsolete? How Should I Manage My Lists?

By skipashraful Updated December 18, 2023 Reviewed by skipashraful

Direct Mail Every few days, I make it a point to check my mailbox. I gather a stack of mail, mostly consisting of junk mail. Standing beside my recycling bin, I flip through the pile, extracting envelopes addressed to me, while promptly discarding any unsolicited ones into the bin. I then go through it a second time, searching for pizza coupons. The remaining mail is simply deposited into the recycling bin without further inspection.

Chances are, your mailbox routine resembles mine.

And guess what? This mailbox routine is shared by homeowners whom you’re attempting to reach to present them with an offer for their property. Just consider how they treat your postcards, yellow letters, and personalized direct mail. I can’t be the only one who snags the pizza coupons and discards the rest of the direct mail.

Numerous real estate investors employ direct mail because it used to yield favorable results. Sadly, many investors aren’t quite ready to acknowledge the evolving landscape. They continue to employ direct mail as they always have, failing to recognize that it no longer functions in the same manner.

In addition to changes in mail dynamics and the influx of direct mail from real estate investors, a substantial number of our postcards are returned due to incorrect addresses.

So, If Not Direct Mail, Then What?

What alternatives do we have for these lists of potentially motivated sellers? Skip Tracing is a strategy that’s been around for some time, yet many investors are unfamiliar with its potential, or they’ve overlooked it due to the past effectiveness of postcards. Now that circumstances have changed, more investors are turning to strategies like skip tracing to locate contact information for potential motivated sellers.

Submit your list to a skip tracing service, ideally one that specializes in real estate investors (like SkipTracing). They will review your list and return it with more accurate contact details and phone numbers. You’ll acquire phone numbers for owners of distressed properties who have never encountered or read the postcards sent by your competitors. Skip tracing grants you the opportunity to be the first investor to present these homeowners with an option to sell houses they’ve been disinterested in or haven’t needed for a long period.

Note: Keep in mind that the quality of information from skip tracers can vary. At BatchSkipTracing, we provide the highest quality of contact information, similar to what banks receive. Not all skip tracers offer this level of quality, so exercise caution when seeking a solution for your investment business.

Skip Tracing Unveils Fresh Approaches to Discovering Motivated Sellers

Eager to take swift action? Take your list of 2,000 absentee owners and upload it to BatchSkipTracing for the finest quality contact information on these potentially motivated sellers. Obtain phone numbers and more reliable contact information. Calling these individuals could prove to be highly profitable.

Real estate investors who are embracing this approach are observing higher response rates compared to what they experienced with direct mail.

In Summary

The era of direct mail is waning, and investors who turn to skip tracing, along with adopting new technologies and methods, will uncover novel opportunities to close deals with motivated sellers.


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