Utilizing Skip Tracing for the Creation of Best Real Estate Leads

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Lead Generation through Skip Tracing for Real Estate Investors

As a Real Estate investor, you understand that leads serve as the driving force behind your business. However, uncovering the most lucrative opportunities can often prove to be a challenging endeavor.

If you’re someone well-acquainted with this journey, you’re likely familiar with the situation I’m describing.

Utilizing skip tracing as a strategy to generate Real Estate leads offers a potent solution for locating off-market properties.

These prospects may include absentee homeowners who haven’t yet decided to sell their distressed properties.

These property owners might have left the area or relocated for various reasons, making it incredibly challenging to track them down through conventional methods like direct mail or other marketing campaigns.

The primary goal is to identify leads among absentee property owners and similar potential clients.

Nevertheless, there are specific tactics to master when employing skip tracing for Real Estate leads generation.

But before delving into that, let’s establish the fundamentals.

What Does Skip Tracing Entail in Real Estate? As the term suggests, skip tracing involves the process of locating individuals who have absconded or left a particular area.

Traditionally, this technique was utilized by bounty hunters, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies to locate individuals in hiding who couldn’t be found at their usual places of residence, work, or other regular locations.

A skilled skip tracer would use various methods to gather information about the person in question.

In today’s context, skip tracing is employed not only by debt collectors, organizations dedicated to finding missing children, and agencies conducting employment and tenant verifications but also by real estate agents.

Harnessing the power of skip tracing for Real Estate leads generation can be a game-changing strategy. But how exactly does it work?

Real Estate Leads

The Real Estate market is fiercely competitive, and agents frequently vie to connect with motivated sellers before anyone else.

Consider stumbling upon a distressed property with an untraceable owner—someone who hasn’t listed their property publicly or initiated contact about selling.

This property represents a potential lead due to its off-market status.

In such a scenario, rather than relying solely on traditional methods like snail mail and marketing campaigns to reach the property owner, skip tracing can significantly enhance your chances of locating and connecting with the owner.

This method proves especially effective with the right resources at your disposal. Once you have the owner’s information, you can approach them with a solution, potentially securing the deal.

Remember, a distressed property owner is more likely to prioritize a solution before considering an offer. Thus, approach with caution!

Leveraging Skip Tracing for Real Estate Leads Unlike many other industries, individuals you’re seeking to contact in the Real Estate field typically haven’t intentionally disappeared.


In most cases, all you need is a phone number or email address for the potential seller. Legal notices or formal documents aren’t the objective here.

Your goal is to establish communication with the owner, presenting them with a compelling offer that could result in a valuable lead for you.

Sounds straightforward, right? However, leveraging skip tracing for Real Estate lead generation is a remarkably effective approach. It can even be employed to generate leads in bulk, providing you with a steady stream of prospects in a short span.

What more could an investor desire? A list of motivated sellers and potential buyers!

For investors, such a resource is akin to finding a treasure trove.

Types of Services for Skip Tracing Real Estate Owners A plethora of options are available in the market for you to explore. Many software solutions can scour public databases and furnish comprehensive reports based on the collected data. Both free and paid services exist.

First, let’s delve into some free services to aid in skip tracing property owner details:

  • Google
  • Social media platforms
  • People finder websites
  • Genealogy websites
  • Obituaries
  • County Assessors
  • Real Estate Leads

In cases where you’re seeking sensitive information that public databases can’t provide, you might consider engaging a private investigator. This avenue could offer more personalized and in-depth data.

If you’re eager for swift and accurate information, turning to paid services is your next best option:

  • Batch Skip Tracing
  • Searchbug.com
  • Beenverified.com

Cost of Skip Tracing for Real Estate If accuracy is paramount and you’re considering a paid service, Batch Skip Tracing is worth exploring. It offers real-time results, streamlining the process of locating relevant individuals.

And that’s not all—Batch Skip Tracing can provide additional insights about absentee property owners, including equity percentage and vacancy status. It can verify USPS-deliverable addresses and cross-reference property owners against the national litigator list.

Investors can even obtain information about properties owned by entities like LLCs, Trusts, and Corporations.

With its enhanced algorithm, Batch Skip Tracing combs through 155 million properties to identify property owners, cross-referencing tax billing records and corresponding mailing addresses.

The software can validate these addresses with credit bureaus and governmental entities, such as utility companies and motor vehicle records. A standout feature of Batch Skip Tracing is its pay-per-result model, with each result costing only $0.20.

Conclusion The time to act is now—don’t miss this opportunity! Skip tracing for Real Estate lead generation is an avenue serious investors should explore to elevate their businesses.

Many individuals tend to overlook this strategy due to the inevitable reality that not every lead will culminate in a successful deal. However, it’s crucial to recognize that most of the leads you’ll uncover through skip tracing would otherwise remain undiscovered by others.

Thus, your odds of converting these leads into deals are significantly higher, as no one else has likely approached these distressed property owners with a solution.

Present yourself as a seasoned professional who has guided numerous individuals out of challenging circumstances.

Maintain discipline, focus, consistency, and seize every opportunity. Who knows where your next major deal will originate Real Estate Leads?


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