Resources for Effective Skip Tracing

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Exploring the Art of Skip Tracing

Skip tracing involves the intricate process of locating individuals who have deliberately chosen to evade discovery. Such instances often arise when individuals have absconded from their known addresses or even the town itself, driven by motives like evading debt repayment. Alternatively, some may have fled to avoid arrest after jumping bail or might be steering clear of process servers. Regardless of the circumstances, skip tracers employ their adept skills to trace the individuals in question and share their whereabouts with the clients who’ve enlisted their services.

Real estate investors also employ skip tracing techniques to pinpoint property owners. Whether the property stands vacant and the investor intends to extend an offer or the investor wishes to identify potential buyers, understanding the appropriate tools for locating individuals is pivotal.

Effective Skip Tracing

Initiating a search online is a prime starting point, utilizing the plethora of free resources available to real estate investors. Conducting a simple Google search by inputting the individual’s name, and possibly the city of residence, can yield valuable insights. Social media platforms often rank among the search results, offering access to the person’s posts and comments, which not only provide clues about their whereabouts but also means of contact through phone or email.

Free people finder websites constitute another resource, though opting for platforms requiring a modest fee might prove more efficient and accurate. Consulting obituaries serves as a pragmatic method to locate missing persons, as the individual might be listed in a relative’s obituary along with other family members. Establishing contact with these family members could potentially lead to the sought-after individual. When reaching out to family members, it’s important to clarify that your purpose isn’t associated with debt collection; rather, you’re interested in a property owned by the person in question.

Leveraging the array of free online resources and information serves as a straightforward approach to locating individuals who could play a pivotal role in securing your next lucrative deal.


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