How to Conduct Tenant Skip Tracing

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How to Conduct Tenant Skip Tracing

Tenant Skip Tracing Investors embarking on the management of long-term income properties often find value in the practice of skip tracing tenants and applicants. This technique can serve various purposes and may even apply to the same tenant on multiple occasions, particularly if they transition between units or rent additional space. It is equally applicable to commercial and residential tenants, making it a versatile tool for investors of all scales.

Benefits of Tenant Skip Tracing:

  1. Validation of Contact Information: Ensuring accuracy of contact details provided in applications.
  2. Employment and Past Address Verification: Confirming the authenticity of employment and previous address information.
  3. Identifying Rent Delinquency: Locating tenants behind on rent payments, without needing to engage them at their rental address.
  4. Tracing Past Tenants: Locating former tenants who have evaded late rent payments, lease termination fees, or repair charges.

When evaluating the financial aspect, it’s prudent to weigh the option of conducting tenant skip tracing independently against outsourcing the task to contractors.

Strategies for Tenant Skip Tracing:

  1. Leverage USPS Resources: Postal services offer publicly available mail forwarding and address information for specific areas. Property investors can inquire about forwarding details or utilize this resource for batches of potential tenants, making it feasible for both individual and large-scale investors.
  2. Utilize Employment Information: Comprehensive tenant applications that include employment details provide a foundation for tracking down tenants who have skipped rent or prematurely vacated the property. Reliable employment data can serve as a point of contact, with diligent background checks minimizing the risk of false information.
  3. Public Records Search: Ranging in cost and accessibility, public record searches encompass diverse sources:
  • In-depth web searches beyond standard search engines
  • Yellow and white page directories
  • Pre-foreclosure listings, court records, and arrest databases
  • Significant social media and email platforms
  • Media coverage and mentions

Although comprehensive, conducting searches across these sources demands substantial time investment. Professionals specializing in skip tracing operate efficiently due to continuous access to data, rendering their services cost-effective.

  1. Consider Professional Services: Engaging in self-conducted skip tracing is not common. While private investigators provide this service, alternative professional options are available. Skip tracing services like BatchSkipTracing employ automation to expedite the process, delivering results faster than individual investigators.

Opt for Pay-as-You-Go Skip Tracing:

For both novice and seasoned income property investors, Batch Skip Tracing offers a suitable solution. With pay-as-you-go results, you obtain cost-effective outcomes tailored to your needs. This approach eliminates concerns associated with subscription commitments, enabling you to utilize skip tracing precisely when required and bypass costs during idle periods.

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